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Learn Sign Language The EASY Way!

 Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about how to master the art of  either American Sign Language or British Sign Language with our exclusive easy to follow videos and PDF instructions!


 “Have you always wanted to master the art of Sign Language (ASL or BSL)  but thought to yourself that it might be TOO difficult to learn?”

I thought the same thing all the way back in 1992 when I first started to learn sign language. But what I discovered was not only was it fun to learn, it was downright addictive as well. I even practiced while facing a mirror to help speed up the learning process and I loved every single minute of it.

“Initially, I looked everywhere for sign language information and instructions…”

If there were a book or DVD on it, I would scoop it up and learn from it. I’d also watch signers on TV just to study all the fine details and movements.

But I’ll be honest, when I watched the signers on TV, I could barely keep up! They were moving SO fast and eventually it became too much. But I did enjoy watching their enthusiastic facial expressions.

The FASTEST & EASIEST method or platform that I learned sign language with was watching instructional videos. Why? Because I could actually WATCH the real experts in real-time. And as you know, sign language is VERY visual, so this only made sense that it was the easiest way for me to learn.

I started with the very first level at college, which took about 30 weeks. I loved it so much that I eventually entered Levels 2, 3, 4 and then graduated from Wolverhampton University with my BSL/English Interpreting Degree and now work as a qualified BSL Interpreter (RSLI).

“As time moved forward, many of my friends and other interested people would come up to me asking HOW do I sign this and HOW do I sign that?”

“That’s when I had my “AHA!” moment!”

Even though I was teaching Level 1 and Level 2 sign language at a local college, I soon realized that maybe I should create my OWN course on sign language. That’s when I developed The Learn Sign Language The Easy Way! series, which includes all my own tips, tricks and techniques on how to master sign language just as if you were a college student yourself.

The courses and videos were so popular that I was asked if I also did American Sign Language. This is where Judy Vardon came in. She is a profoundly Deaf American Sign Language presenter who became famous in the Deaf community when she and her family appeared on America’s Extreme Home Makeover show.

When you enter this exclusive Sign Language Courses Online Area and discover the unique courses, you’ll be able to learn sign language as well as…

  • Learn how to communicate EFFECTIVELY for crystal-clear communication!
  • ACCELERATE the entire sign language learning process!
  • AVOID common “newbie” mistakes that can lead to embarrassment!
  • Enjoy HAVING FUN while learning at the same time! 

“I’ve now put ALL of this instructional information into a unique Online Course Area with multiple levels depending on your experience and how much you want to learn!”

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