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Ever wondered how to learn sign language but wasn’t sure if it was easy or not?

Sign Language is a visual language and the best way that you can learn it is to see it in action and watch the positions of the hands and the facial expressions

When I first started to learn sign language back in 1992, I found it very addictive and just wanted to know more. I even used to practice in the mirror!

I tried to get my hands on anything to do with sign language, whether it was DVD’s, books about Deaf people or watching the signers on TV…

I must confess that in the beginning, I found the signers on TV went way too fast for me to understand, but I enjoyed watching their facial expressions.

Watching an instructional video was much easier because I could see exactly how it should be done.

I started with the initial level at college which lasted about 30 weeks and then decided to continue to Level 2, 3 4 and then graduated from Wolverhampton University with my BSL/English Interpreting Degree and so now work as a fully qualified BSL Interpreter (RSLI)… was well worth the years of study….

I used to get asked all the time from my friends

How do you sign this??

How do you sign that???

And so whilst I formally taught Level 1 and Level 2 at a local college I decided to create The Learn British Sign Language The Easy Way! series which takes you through all of those levels…just as if you were at college…which is now available online on our members only website above...

Why not get started for free and learn sign language yourself? 

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Have fun and good luck!

Sonia Hollis