Teach Yourself British Sign Language – The Easy Way!

                                             Sonia Hollis

My name is Sonia Hollis and I work as a fully qualified British Sign Language Interpreter.

I first took up sign language because I couldn’t communicate with a Deaf child I worked with in nursery. I could make signs to him and mouth my words, but I just didn’t speak his language. At that time I didn’t have much time to go to college, and in truth felt a little self conscious trying to learn the facial expressions and sign in specific ways while I was learning. As a result it took me far longer than it needed to be to become proficient.

However once I did start though I felt that learning Sign Language was incredibly addictive and I just wanted to know more.

Over the years I was asked how to sign certain phrases and so it’s for this very reason I’ve produced the Learn British Sign Language the Easy Way! set of DVD’s. 

Learning by my prescribed method and at your own pace using my see and do technique you will:

  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Accelerate your learning
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes
  • Be accurate
  • Have fun

“We see many examples of BSL teaching and learning resources on the Action Deafness Books Knowledge Programme. But there are none finer than the Learn Sign Language range”.
Steve Crump Action Deafness Books

“This is a fantastic resource for level one students, a nice mix of vocabulary, exercises for receptive skills and good explanations!”  Cudgybudgie – You Tube

“that helped me alot!! i need to learn BSL cause my friend is deaf   and i cant communicate with him :( but i will try now :)”

Why DVD’s help

Sign language by its nature is very visual and using a DVD will show you the techniques and skills that you need to start communicating in sign language straight away.

This will enable you to learn at your own pace at a time that suits you and you can decide how much time you put into your learning. Just by going through the DVD a couple of hours a day you will at the end of the 4 weeks be able to comfortably have a basic conversation using sign language.

Unique to us at Learn Sign Language each DVD from Level 1 BSL to Level 2 BSL has its own downloadable workboook and script to help extend your learning beyond just signing

“I’ve been wanting to learn sign language for a long time now thank you for these really clear vids! “

“Thankyou so much for designing a wonderful way to learn bsl, in combination with my friends who sign I’m making real progress. Again, thanks for such great and affordable resources”

“Fantastic service with extra information about a workbook that an be accessed!” Miss C., 10 November 2011

“This item arrived really quickly and there was further helpful information from the seller regarding the dvd and additional info that could be had. 10/10. Thanks for a great, prompt service.” samantha b., 7 June 2011

100% Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee

If you find that you are not able to have a basic conversation in sign language within 4 weeks then just contact us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.


Get started now and Learn British Sign Language The Easy Way!