Sonia Hollis

Learn Sign Language The Easy Way!

Ever wondered how to learn sign language but wasn’t sure if it was easy or not?

Discover how you can now start to learn sign language from the comfort of your own home without the worry of having to register for a sign language course and travel to college each week.

You can now learn sign language here and online immediately – whether its by streaming on your iphone or ipad and using it on the computer.

How much you want to learn depends on you….a basic conversation?  Then the Introduction to BSL may be for you.

A more in depth conversation equivalent to your first Year at college then the Level 1 membership level is for you.

Or you want to learn more about the grammar of BSL and beyond and learn the same as if you have to go to college for a full 2 years!..then both Level 1 / Level 2 is right.

Have a quick look below for a snap shot of inside the membership site for you to decide.

To see in more detail on what is in each membership level then click on the links below:

Introduction to British Sign Language Online Membership

BSL Level 1 Silver Member 

BSL Level 2 Gold Member

BSL Platinum Member with everything!

Thank you for giving your time to help us with BSL. I am a beginner and need all the help I can get and I find this lady very easy to watch over and over again.

Gillian Weeks,

Thank you so much it has helped me alot. my friend losing her hearing and this had helped us alot

Marion Tierney,