British Sign Language Level 2

British Sign Language Level 2

british sign language dvdBritish Sign Language Level 2 is split into sections that covers the same topics needed for Level 2 in British Sign Language.

There are sections teaching you the vocabulary, question and answers, and phrases and story receptive skills practise.

Level 2 is a DVD9 (NTSC covering all regions) and runs for a total of 130 minutes.

It has the main 4 topics covered through the Level 2 curriculum along with an added section dedicated purely for Level 2 Topic Vocabulary enabling you to refresh your memory whilst building up your conversational skills.

The DVD9 Disc covers:

Topic 1: About you and Everyday Conversations introductory phrases, describing people, activities at school, jobs & activities at work, attitudes and opinions, time vocabulary, activities in the home, leisure activities, opinion/likes and dislikes, and illnesses and health

Topic 2: Eating and Drinking contains story practise and Question & Answer sections for ordering food and drink, and offering opinions, describing preparation of food, eating out, and comparing food types and explaining your views

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending  contains story practise/Question and answer sections on paying for services, different types of shops and payments, shopping experiences, and comparing items that you have bought.

Topic 4: Travel and Holidays  contains both stories and question and answers about countries, places in England, booking a holiday and a camping experience

Topic 1: About You and Everyday Conversations – Vocabulary

Topic 2 : Eating and Drinking – Vocabulary

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending – Vocabulary

Topic 4 : Travel and Holidays – Vocabulary

The Learn Sign Language Level 2 DVD also includes our unique downloadable workbook covering in detail Negation in BSL, grammar rules, indicating plurality, question structure, marking time, and quality in BSL.

DVD Product in the post: only £29.99 plus £1.95 P&P


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If you find that you are not able to have a basic conversation in sign language within 4 weeks then just contact us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. (for DVD purchases only)