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Normally, the only way to learn British Sign Language is by attending a college course that costs hundreds of pounds. If you don’t have the enrolment fee – you miss out. If you do manage to get on a course, you have to wait until the next term starts; then you have all the hassle of getting to and from classes.

But not any longer… because you can start learning British Sign Language today from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace - for free!

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With my free BSL Introductory online access you’ll discover:

  • The basics of British Sign Language
  • How to get the attention of Deaf people without being rude
  • How to sign the British Sign Language alphabet
  • How to develop your receptive skills with a finger spelling quiz
  • How to sign basic numbers
  • How to introduce yourself to a Deaf person
  • How to sign the days of the week
  • How to sign basic questions.
  • How to have a conversation with a Deaf person
  • What is British Sign Language?
  • The different Sign Language Systems used in schools
  • Career opportunities using British Sign Language.

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I wish you every success in learning British Sign Language.

Sonia Hollis

Sonia Hollis,
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"I was born Hard of Hearing but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 8, but I have profoundly Deaf student friends at University. Simple words like these really help our communication, so thank you."


"This is great. Me and my friend want to help at a special school, but it is hard to communicate with the pupils. This is helping me a lot."