Thank you so much it has helped me alot. my friend losing her hearing and this had helped us a lot

Marion Tierney

Thank you for this video My father works with deaf people and ive been helping him with his sign language thanks to you !!xxxx

Reesey Gerrard

This is really helpful cus my mums and stepdads deaf and I'm ok but I need to know more!! Thanks for thatย 

kiwihearwolf (youtube)

This helps sooo much! I have always wanted to do this.ย 
Thank you sooo much

Scarlet Diamonds

Her name is Sonia! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I got all the names and phrases right. Seen this video once, and so happy i learned it! So helpful

Georgina Pereira

Amazing tutorial thank you very much!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


this has been really useful! thanks! I can tell the deaf rainbow what my name is now and hopefully she'll understand meย 

Fay Hannah Rose

i am trying to learn BSL! i am hearing but its so hard to find an online course - this was fantastic. watching all your videos now!ย 

Karis D George

What a delight. I found this DVD very informative and helpful and so easy to follow. I was particularly pleased that there was not commentary or music. This helped me to focus totally on lip reading and following the signing. I was pleased that Sonia produced the programme without any frills as there were no distractions and I surprised myself to find that I was able to learn very quickly. Well done. I look forward to the advanced edition

Jinny H

I was recommended this DVD by a friend as I have recently started my 1st level in British Sign Language. I am really pleased that I heeded my friend's advice and bought the DVD set. It covers so many topics as well as an extensive range of vocabulary, in a no nonsense, practical way. As a complete beginner, it took me through and incoporated different sections of practise material before leading onto the next topic,to make sure that I could both produce and receive information in BSL I am sure my progress to the 2nd level in BSL will benefit because of this. Thank you so much

Patti UK

I've been wanting to learn sign language for a long time now thank you for these really clear vids!"


Thank-you so much as me and my best friend talk in bsl in science so the teacher dont understand plus it is a skill for life


"I was born Hard of Hearing but wasn't diagnosed until I was 8, but I have profoundly Deaf student friends at University and although they can just about speak I feel it would be nice (and easier) if I could sign to them. Although I can't make sentences, simple words like these really help our communication, so thank you! I lip read 100% so signing isn't something I depend on, but I am slowly learning ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  Thanks again
Cara xx "


you are a brilliant teacher. I just work in a shop but i often have deaf customers and now i can at lest communicate a little bit with your help. So if you have any other lessons - stick them on here cos your amazing! thanks catherine


I've been working my way through this DVD and I'm surprised how much I'm learning. I've been keen to learn BSL for a long time, having failed to learn any other languages! It's eerily silent but obviously that's by design. It's very good and I'm learning a lot, so far

Richard Lewis

My aunt and her best friend who are both deaf are visiting me this weekend and I haven't seen them in ten years. I want to make a good impression and make them feel welcome so I'm hoping to at least greet them in sign language. So thanks for your help ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you very much for your videos! i was finding it hard to find sites that didnt charge riddiculus amounts, to learn BSL and was please when i found you ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work